Apprenticeship Signup Support

Our Apprenticeship Signup Support Solution is an exclusive offering to work-based learning providers in both Wales and England. Removing all the hassle of completing the Apprenticeship signup process, we take care of all regulatory requirements associated with the early stage of the program that includes:

  1. Liaising with both Employer and Apprentice to agree a timescale for signup completion.

  2. Printing of all documentation required to complete the signup process.

  3. Completion of Health and Safety Vetting and First Monitoring tasks.

  4. Completion of Apprentice Signup documentation.

  5. Collection and vetting of Apprentice and Employer Eligibility Evidence.

  6. Completion of Apprentice Initial Assessment.

  7. Completion of Health and Safety Employer and Apprentice Induction.

  8. Completion of Employer and Apprentice Programme Induction.
Why Outsource This Process:
There are a number of key reasons why you should outsource these tasks:

Significant cost savings can be made by outsourcing the process for all, or part of your learner cohort (please see Savings Explained for an overview of potential savings).

The signup process is a non-productive process for your assessor. You need your assessor concentrating on assessing work, bringing in new and/or repeat business and away from the car wheel as much as possible. Every time they get behind the wheel is money you will never re-coup.

By outsourcing these tasks to us, you’ll get a consistent level of quality across these processes that results in consistent Health and Safety judgements that meet the requirements of the Health and Safety Code of Practice, consistent quality and layout of start packs and narrative contained within and consistent delivery of all induction processes to learner and employer.

By outsourcing these tasks to us, you’ll only have to deal with one point of contact for any issues that arise. This means that we deal with meeting the ESF eligibility rules and handle any exceptions/issues that arise.

Cost of Solution:
There are two costs involved with this solution:

£175.00 per Apprentice
Travel expenses at £0.45 per mile

Next Steps:
Contact Us to register an interest or for more information.